Project MINT

iPhone内蔵の加速度センサーやGPSによる測定値の表示、Bluetooth SMARTセンサーからの値の取得により、正確な速度・ケイデンス・心拍データを取得可能です。その他、地図上に現在位置表示・高度・方位・温度・湿度・風速・風向きの表示や、3時間毎の天気予報の表示、走行状態に応じたギア比の表示、運動強度によって変動する消費カロリーも瞬時に計測、リアルタイムで表示します。走行ルートを含む各種測定結果は、アプリ内に保存するとともに、ヘルスケアにデータを共有することもできます。STRAVAをお使いの場合は、ワンクリックでデータをアップロードして、STRAVAアプリから参照することが可能です。

GPS Cycling MINT


GPS Cycling MINT – Speed, Cadence, and Gear ratio

MINT is the most powerful, reliable and accurate GPS tracker app on the market.
Track your activity with GPS and record all of your cycling data with many compatible sensors.
This application is the best for all cyclists and it has a beautiful interface and many features is easy to use.


– Track bike tours via GPS and Bluetooth Smart sensors.
– Display your workout details: Distance, duration, speed, cadence, elevation, heart rate, calories burned, etc.
– Graphical charts: current speed, heart rate, cadence, elevation and distance.
– Display your current location on Map.
– Display Wind, Weather Condition and Weather Forecasts during workouts.


– Record your workout stats: Distance, duration, speed, cadence, elevation gain, heart rate, calories burned, etc.
– View bar charts summarizing all your workouts.


– Export your workouts to STRAVA.
– Share your workouts with iOS Health app.


– Automatic stop detection
– Customize workout screens to display the information that is important to your workout.

Even more great features are coming soon.


MINT supports all Bluetooth Smart(Bluetooth4.0 Low Energy/BLE) sensors. We’ve tested the following:

– TOPEAK PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence Sensor
– TOPEAK PanoBike Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor
– CATEYE ISC-12 Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor
– CATEYE HR-12 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor
– mio LINK Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Band
– mio VELO Cycling Heart Rate Band
– mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep + Activity Tracker
– mio ALPHA Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch
– mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch + Activity Tracker
– KaradafitHeart HRM-10
– MINOURA Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence Sensor
– Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor WAF-PH-000018
– Wahoo RPM Speed and Cadence Sensor WAF-PH-000017
– Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor WAF-PH-000014
– Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor WAF-PH-000014c
– Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor WAF-PH-000015
– Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor WAF-PH-000016
– Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor Blue HR for iPhone WAF-PH-000001
– POLAR Speed/Cadence Sensor Bluetooth Smart
– POLAR H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor
– POLAR H6 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor
– Runtastic Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor with Bluetooth Smart Technology
– Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor
– Zmart Cadence Sensor Bluetooth4.0
and more.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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